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Wich heat legal are worst than Devouring Paws?

Hydro Cannon


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Hmm, Devouring Paws legs are not that super bad. All have a place by weapons grants and the possibility of their combinations. 

For example

1- image.png.e804740a75476dd5071f1261a000fb35.png This one was my second leg maxed. I wanted because 2 knock back instead to make a Devouring back then. Over 3 years back those were acceptable legs.  This is at Legend L1


2- image.png.e752e7ae0deb3657c38ef5f6f3692f2a.pngDevouring vs Dynamite is more about weight. The HP can be compensated, and it does create more damage than Dynamite. 



The problem in the arena it is that the new released parts family of Lava foot types create damage to the resistance. Their weight is decent when compared to the others making practically the rest of the legs obsolete. 

So, to answer your question, that family makes the rest of the legs look bad including against the Premium parts. It is more about the way the configuration works according to parts available. Top players that use cash can play on different ways because can combine different structures. I have seen recently Devouring Paws playing against my son and won without issue been already an R2 player. 

Sure, in the long run for now as basic because the parts are not premium, the Lava feet family are better to play the game now in the way people can make configurations with the new modules. 

If you have maxed one, keep using the leg till you can make different later on. Do not dish what do you have if still functional till accumulate gold and new parts around. 



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