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Boo this man!


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Dude's hacking. 


3 hours ago, Morrowseer said:

Isn't one of the top 10 players doing something similar? Mans had ~300 res.

That top player is hacking I think. 

This is because the maximum physical resistance you can get with resistance modules maxed, along with Platinum Vests ( the torsos that give the most resistance), is less than 200.

Same goes for other resistance types, maximum you can get is less than 200.

All of these stats include arena buffs too, so that top player's also probably hacking, just like this guy.

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14 hours ago, Fordekash said:

image.thumb.jpeg.9c09f234601ac313a64c85c48ce4aa94.jpegBooooo! Booooo!!! Boooooooo! Boo! 

Uh..., new portal module. 🤣 I want them. 🤣

2 hours ago, hasn said:

They are a lot of cheaters in high ranks

And nothing get done about them

There are some recent top players because the cheat. That does not mean the tops are cheaters. Tops are facing the same issue and I mean the real legal tops. 

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