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New mech

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Let me introduce my new mech. 


Lately, I've been getting sick of playing physics builds against energy or heat mechs. This turns the game not into a tactical fight, but into a game of chance, if you are either lucky, or the enemy will put mechs in a different order and you will lose. This got me thinking about a new build that runs without energy and is able to move mechs to different distances with a single shot. In the next six months, I'm going to make this mech completely mythic. This meta, if desired, will also help to bend the Smurfs at rank 15 😈

Here I'll post his progress.

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2 hours ago, Riot said:

if its fully myth wouldent that also make you a smurf?

Rest assure I hope it is not what we think it is. Most of the items are probably being upgraded so that it could be used on normal matches like explosive diarrheas from Taco Bell.

Or else I would have to work as a fast food worker at Jolibee if I get a job.

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A broken power supply and a slow tablet will only slow me down, I wish I could use the computer again for easier writing and photo editing for my Balitang SM posts...

Project Nekron, hosted by Eugene Baileys, featuring Sven Førre and Joseph Mahma.

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On 22.01.2023 at 17:41, LORD OF THE SHOTTOWN said:

Мой новый мех начинает привыкать к арене. На данный момент это выглядит примерно так: 1959620518_GoldExpirience.thumb.jpg.de85077aa9b68fc503cb9efd9b07a068.jpg

Совсем недавно он одержал большую победу на арене. Я был так счастлив за него. 

Тот самый перевод 1000 рублей лоол

Fluffeh is best of the best, the best of all

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8 hours ago, Scarlet Lorv said:

Тот самый перевод 1000 рублей лоол


Just the other day, while playing and testing Erofei the Enslaver (as I call him now), I met an old player. It was Erofey's first game with Old. It was a pleasure to play with this man. 

Today, just deciding to test my Yerofey in a raid, I realized that thermal builds with a heat bomb are best suited for a raid. Even if my mech is still weak, but with it I made my way to the top 18 in the fourth raid .

Super Mechs_2023-01-25-12-09-31.jpg

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