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1 Guaranteed Legendary in Every Premium Pack

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  1. 1. Would You Like to See a Guaranteed Legendary in every Premium Pack?

    • Yes, guaranteed legendary
    • No, premium packs are fine
    • Yes, guaranteed premium (l-m)

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I think the thing which makes us modest spenders feel “cheated” and swear of spending anything for long periods of forever, is those horrible moments, where you spent 20 bucks or so on 5 premium packs. You open up that first pack, probably in anticipation of a new item and...

5 purples.

okay, yuck. Try again.

purples. Great. And another.

*shakes dice, opens pack*

a legendary nemo drone. Okay, getting better. Try again.


you know what I’m talking about. We all know. Some more than others. In fact I remember the day rising spent over 60 bucks on 6.5k tokens, opened packs and got ONLY PURPLES.

yes, it’s possible.

rare, sure. But should it even be possible that you can spend over 20 quid on a game and get NOTHING of value. If you went to Game picked out a new game and brought it home, opened the box and found a little note which said “sorry, try again next time! But here, have some Pokemon trading cards” You’d be livid. So why do we accept it here?

now, I’m not saying a guaranteed l-m in every pack, but I think 1 of 5 cards should be guaranteed legendary level in the least with the other 4 determined by the mysterious drop rate as usual.

this would restore a lot of the confidence lost (or beaten out of us) in the past years. When you’re buying premium packs, you shouldn’t have those moments where it all comes up purple. It just shouldn’t happen.

can I get an amen?

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