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  1. well, give it a rng heal number (like the other drones) and maybe give it the same heal as the other drones do dmg... so like 110-280ish healing
  2. I think this could be a good idea maybe you could find a actual confetti background and make it into a paint that doesn't cover the element of the item? Maybe try making a paint similar to the one below and apply it to items the same way normal paint kits are applied.
  3. I haven't looked if this has been discussed already, so if I'm repeating something that has been talked about a lot recently I apologize. but I think a good item to bring back would be the healing drone/ repair drone. I used to use it back in the legacy version and it was a really good drone. if you had the right shield and a diamond shell you could take quite a lot of dmg with a lower HP. maybe a good idea, maybe not. lmk your thoughts on this idea?
  4. I have some pretty insane luck for the amount I spend, if you go look at my in game acc you'll see a meta phys mech and 2 other pretty decent builds. but I actually have all items needed for a phys meta, energy meta, and I only need rekoning, sorrow, or another magma for a heat meta...
  5. As the title says, I am getting very tired of people calling me a cheater/hacker. I am a p2w player, but I am not cheating. I have been spending a lot recently so I have a lot of low level items on my builds. but I am gonna show everyone my google play receipts so hopefully people will leave me alone. the info blacked out in the photos it my card info, which does not need to be seen in order for me to prove I'm paying.
  6. weel, I don't know anyone else with my name... it was prolly me
  7. thanks I actually really appreciate the feedback, looking at this made me think of something to try
  8. I actually just got a mercy, so I am gonna make the meta Phys build now...
  9. I currently use a similar build with claw, and no armor dissolvers
  10. okay, if i get a sorrow ill give this build a try
  11. Well that would be pretty sick, but I don't have sorrow
  12. weapons... I need another magma, rekoning, or sorrow for heat meta. and for Phys I need mercy or pizza cutter for meta. and its pretty impossible to replace such items with f2p items xD
  13. I have already looked at the meta builds, and I can almost do a Heat meta and Phys meta, but I am 1 or 2 items short for each build...
  14. I am a returning player, and I have some pretty good items and I have some decent builds, but I have been struggling to get back into R4+ I was wondering if any top players could look at my inventory and give me some insight on some builds??? I also have at least 1 of every epic item in game.
  15. I was also thinking of triple basalt dissolver, then stomp would be a legit weapon also, I have the L-M heat hook so that could be a useful weapon with opponent having low res.
  16. thank you! this brings things to my attention that I didn't previously think about. I think the combo with supreme cannon would be the strongest so I think MPV is the torso I am going to end up using. thank again for the recommendations.
  17. Well, the build is already 80 kgs underweight, so I don't really need to save weight. and if I put on a maximum protector my res would be lower than shown. that would be smart if I was going to use heat bomb and maybe all 6 weapons though!
  18. Hello again I need some help on what torso would be better for my current build. My last build help post wasn't very helpful, I hope you guys give me some feedback with this one. Anyways, I have two lvl1 mythical torsos ready to go, MPV and EFA. I am trying to make one of the builds below, I want to know what torso would be better for my build. I also have enough room on these builds for another weapon, what do you guys think would be an effective weapon to use?
  19. Hello everyone! I have been struggling with an idea for a 3rd mech. If you could give me some tips or ideas that would be amazing! I will show my 2 current builds, and my entire inventory. That way you will know what items are available to me. I wont show you all my epics, because I have at least 1 of almost everything in epic tier. (I do not have all the items shown in WU maxed, so that's why I don't have that many myth mods) Thank you! for any input you give
  20. Adding to this topic, I think Mortal Bullet now needs a buff. Malice Beam is a rare item, where as mortal bullet is premium. I do not think malice beam should be better than mortal bullet. Malice Beam's buff made it a useable weapon again in the top ranks, but I think Mortal Bullet should also get a slight buff so that it is still better than the more common weapons.
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