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  1. weel, I don't know anyone else with my name... it was prolly me
  2. thanks I actually really appreciate the feedback, looking at this made me think of something to try
  3. I actually just got a mercy, so I am gonna make the meta Phys build now...
  4. I currently use a similar build with claw, and no armor dissolvers
  5. okay, if i get a sorrow ill give this build a try
  6. Well that would be pretty sick, but I don't have sorrow
  7. weapons... I need another magma, rekoning, or sorrow for heat meta. and for Phys I need mercy or pizza cutter for meta. and its pretty impossible to replace such items with f2p items xD
  8. I have already looked at the meta builds, and I can almost do a Heat meta and Phys meta, but I am 1 or 2 items short for each build...
  9. I am a returning player, and I have some pretty good items and I have some decent builds, but I have been struggling to get back into R4+ I was wondering if any top players could look at my inventory and give me some insight on some builds??? I also have at least 1 of every epic item in game.
  10. I was also thinking of triple basalt dissolver, then stomp would be a legit weapon also, I have the L-M heat hook so that could be a useful weapon with opponent having low res.
  11. thank you! this brings things to my attention that I didn't previously think about. I think the combo with supreme cannon would be the strongest so I think MPV is the torso I am going to end up using. thank again for the recommendations.
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