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How do i upgrade my items to mythical easily?



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Save up commons for powerkits, or so atleast I thought for myself

And incase you need to save up space and upgrade one with all of those once enough are accumulated

Y'all can contradict this, I don't have anything to show...

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My opinion, the fastest way is with all level 20 gold mines in the base.

Build commons and power kits.

Then what I do is upgrade 4 commons to 3 x level 10 and one level 5, then use that to max a rare power kit.

Then I use the rare power kit to upgrade the items.  Like when they're myth.

I can build like almost 4 legendaries in a day that way.

But when I build legendaries I upgrade an epic items by using one max rare power kit and then 3 x level 10 common power kit and one level 8 common power kit.

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There is no easy way unless you have gold and parts to do so. 

For a BASE user, it can craft parts, but it does require to do a lot of grinding. 

Power kits are used to boost fast but it is the same action to level up a part step by step. 

To max a power kit, it does require to add parts to it identical as leveling up any weapon. 

PK is good when people want to preserve parts as local storage keeping enough space in the garage 

For no BASE accounts, you grind and then buy boxes of parts as you wish according to gold availability in contrast the BASE will craft the part and will have to wait for it and of course, it does cost a bit more. 

To myth parts faster in the freeway, it does require a lot of discipling grinding everyday plus pvp and others. 

That require arena coins to help in the regeneration and fuel cap to maximize fuel cap plus to level up fast your account to get extra fuel to reach 95 max in the game.

You need to preserve epic parts and you need to make some of them L30 to transform them to legend to use them for myth transformation. That means that you need to properly manage epic parts at the same time be conscious of account storage space.

This picture from my account image.png.e108166aca699563c75d33749c2d2f26.png it does shows that I have already 4 epic parts not in need and I will transform them to legend when I get more epics that does not pass to legend or some that I do not need and can use for it. 

You can use power kits to speed up the process but is costly. I do use BASE L15 for power kits when I have enough gold that support the craft plus the upgrade cost. For example, I craft 400 power kits that cost around 2.3 million, but it will cost to max a L1-L50 myth part another million. So, you need at least 3.3 million on reserve for that kind of transaction and to wait 1.5 days to get all crafted plus you need to keep a balance on gold reserve as your personal base operation avoiding running out of gold and parts for the level up.

As example in the picture image.png.9d1e4881ba6a5782ec12ae6bc3ef0061.pngI do have some 730 parts farmed and I can power kit them or keep it there till reach 850 when warnings to use them will show up and of course I start to use some 150 or so keeping 700 in normal operation. Those will help to complete any base crafted parts that I was unable to complete with them and I finish the item and then I keep grinding without touch them except for the daily requiring to max 15 and collect 20. 

Grinding full fuel at least 4 times a day plus 5 wins in normal day, it will give you around 500,000 of course not including extra wins or else in the game as daily offer like today providing 50% more gold grinding giving an extra punch on gold savings. 

Now, players like me, don't need to level up a power kit because still the same action to level up a part so it is not useful to do that instead we meat the power kit straight to the part and level up as come parts for the level up grinded or crafted. 

What determinate the particular use of a power kit it does depend on the player personal conditions to play the game. There is not right answer instead ways that people do according to their own ways to do so. 

Now, the fact is that it is required to do a lot of grinds and pvp to achieve fast myth and proper account management. 

Impulse to go high in a part it is not wise. Level up by steps to have balance on modules and weapons then can start to convert one at the time and keep it on L1 till finish the rest then go for the torso leg and drone if you want or keep the same level equal to all parts as I do when I make a mech. This is an example leveling up in balanced way and the power will grow in a steady way not rushing for one part and get broke and that include modules.Super Mechs_2021-03-27-12-30-40.jpg

 Super Mechs_2021-03-08-23-38-07.jpg

Sure, sometimes is good to max a part to L40 first because help in the grinding to move on. Use grinding bosses' steps to find out how your power level is growing. Step back from the one you have issues and grind in a one that can be auto pilot till your parts become more powerful to then move up and attack that next stage. Do not waste fuel trying to win one giving you trouble.  

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