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The name on Item


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On 6/12/2022 at 3:40 PM, Yukiya18_JPN said:


Add something to the name of the item.

An example:



Name is

“Over Dragon cooking Oven”


“Unstable Power Dragon Cell”

It will be.

"Are you can use "anywhere" as the name of the item.

Electrifying Tongue and Burning Tongue 🤡

7 hours ago, marioluigi12 said:

The SpineFall

Renewed and Fined version of the (Legacy, Advanced, Electric Orb Cannon),   the orb will really make your spine fall this time!

Springer Energy Retreat Bomb🙃

2 hours ago, Yukiya18_JPN said:

Name:Red rain


Red rocket rain

Red Rocket puller blaster😋

11 hours ago, Yukiya18_JPN said:




Shot Swoop

Heat Fish shutter 🤗

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