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A Few Glitches



Firstly, this is in no way a problem for me but on some days, including today, after completing my 5 daily arena matches with reward, after some time it gives me another 5.


Secondly, In campaign 3v3, normally in each 3v3 team there are two kinds of mechs with two copies of one build, and one of the other, in some levels you may fight two teams of buggies for example. We call one build a and the other build b, normally the team configuration for team 1 is: a, b, b and for team 2 it is: a, b, a. The glitch is that after fighting team 1, when I encounter team 2 it has the same configuration as team 1, except the last buggy won't use any attacks except stomp, and after a while just refuses to use its action points, forcing me to reload and restart the level.


Lastly, I notice that in the forum, when you quote someone, there is no button, like in the old forum, to scroll up to the quoted response.

I literally pulled an MPV from r3 box, and from the other r3 box I opened, I puleld plat fortress, so its holy sry whiteout

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