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Private Message - Token Administration



What is that Mean???


Hello SHDru,

You have received a new private message from "Token Administration" to your
account on "Battle Dawn" with the following subject:

Tokens Purchase

You can view your new message by clicking on the following link


Screenshot 2022-03-29 at 21-35-04 New private message has arrived - alsamohamedalbtel@gmail.com - Gmail.png

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36 minutes ago, Raul said:

This is an automated email, you get it whenever you try to purchase tokens.

Oh i see so no need to worry I guess.

however I apologize for my too great mistrust that I had on the message but I wanted to try to warn of the possible dangers so that people do not get virus .

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1 minute ago, Electro said:

We don't know which admin have send this ? it looks a bit dodgy, tokens won without really "real" reason, administration tokens what is it? never heard of this on the forum. 

I don't know anything about that, maybe a link that leads to a virus? who do know ..but is better to wait until a moderator answers you .

i Clicked on the Link, then this happened.


Screenshot 2022-03-29 at 22-32-52 Play Free War Battle Games Online Multiplayer Games Strategy Games Top MMORPG.png

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  • Community Team

What you received is an automatic message from the system, you bought or attempted to buy tokens. Admins dont usually or ever message or reach out to players via email, its the players who email us when they have an issue, like you have been emailing us @mohamed Alpatal Khalaf :)) 

The link is taking you to the old forum where you can do stuff like change email, check your previous purchases etc. Its just a site thats connected to your SuperMechs account. 

So all in all, nothing to worry about 😄

Elcent is the best.


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