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omg i may have done it

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ok so... i am a fellow pilot which has played sm for 5-6 years and 2 weeks ago i embarked on  a journey to make this game more popular and attract attention and at that moment i remembered that a youtuber called ssudee most people would have heard of him he has 20m subs and averages about 2 mill views on his vids regurarly some people may not like hi m but i used to and watched him all the time i knew he once did a vid abt supermechs in legacy so i thought it was a good idea commenting him on all his vids and asking him to make another vid about supermechs and telling him the game has changed alot but 1 week ago i got banned on the official discord server of sm because i sent a malicious link  as a joke which i am very sorry for and i stilll to this day try to get ubnanned by emailing support but no response so i have made a new account to talk about this and share that ssundee actualy recognised me and highlighted my comment after days i even have proof of evidence

Screenshot (40).png

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Featured comment is not the same as pinned. All thats happened here is the user has used a direct link to the comment and therefore its marked as featured. Any comment you use a direct link to will do this.  😋

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