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Accidental facebook linking

Copper Sunrise


I accidentally linked my supermechs based account (Sky Gorilla) to facebook which had had already an account (Copper Sunrise). Now when I try to access my Facebook based account I enter the Sky Gorilla (existing supermechs based) account. Shortly, Copper Sunrise was like deleted or something. I have already e-mailed you from in-game support section but the team's reply was directing me to here. Please help me to get my Facebook based account back. I can still see it in my clan. It is right there. I just can't reach it. 107268818_EkranGrnts(33).thumb.png.dd3504cc98e001a82225b4aed4860087.png163807216_EkranGrnts(34).thumb.png.eaf88eccddd322ee9e994d7a8bd1c468.png531993548_EkranGrnts(35)-Kopya.thumb.png.4d05e208bfa47a2533ab1bd05fed67db.png

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Yes, when you make a SM account through the app on either PC or mobile you can either enter credentials, or you can create an account using your facebook.

If you sid the latter on both accounts you can't get the first one back sadly, if you did the first you oy have to enter the credentials of the account when logging in.

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