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Is this game just turned into who can troll who at this point

vXylia - ll

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35 minutes ago, Deimos said:

There should be some changes, mainly maxing some amount of mythical items should lock you out of lower ranks.

That is what I thought when I was rookie but the game calculate according modules and weapons or even a just one weapon and torso. 

I am playing at lower rank checking backfire on heat and energy mechs and are trash mechs but one does have good hp and one low hp because has been maxing step by step as they are. Basic mechs destroy my mechs and the game set me up with R5 many times and sometimes the game set me up with R10. Both are out of line I will say but the R5 will be logic due to myth status some weapons or torso but not ready for R5 fights. The R10 match is out of line but those guys also have L50 parts and the system match them regardless lower hp. 

When I was starting the game always matched me up with higher HP mechs and more powerful weapons. It is hard to lock by weapons level. If that happen a person with lack of modules will be trapped to play the mech with that particular weapon enhanced.  

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