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After months of buying Premium Packs...

White Star

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I was very lucky that i always had a legendary when opening prem packs with 335 tokens... BUT!!! not many of the legendaries where really worth it... Getting cucked again, game... please stop giving me so much shitass torsos i don't need NOR want [ um... ACKSHYUALLY i have three well leveled myths, Blue Munkee, Zark, and the Giga Chad WINDIGO!!! ]


1- Two Spectral Hollow Munkee... Why the [ OOF ] would i waste my time with a lesser Munkee, I have Blue munkee at Myth level 40 and a red Munkee at Level 1 legendary [ because i'm currently using Zarkares, I have a epic Windingo... i should really het rid of Zark bruh... ] explain to me why Yellow munkee is worth a single shit 👌

• Some legendary legs came in, One Dinamite [ the heavy one with 2 knockback ] and the one that looks like God mode's legs [ forgot name, don't care plus it's lesser in comparison to my Three massive cucking legs, yes i have all three of them, quote lucky on that my bruhs ].

• legendary Flame battery... Me explaining to you why using batteries would waste my time.

• Two heat modules that didn't fitted what i had NOR would be useful anyways since my mechs already have enough... they where just occupying my miserably small inventory, they got used recently to myth my Electrolyte

• And various other Legendaries that got used to myth stuff... They not only sucked or where REPEATED items [ pain, means bread in french... Sacre bleu 😠 ]

Conclusion: Grinding is slowly draining my soul, but i must accomplish my goals... 🗿 i must...

1• I must have... ALL of myechs fully upgraded [ at least level 50 myth ]

2• Conquer all campaign levels with them [ It may happen that i will need certain items that i don't have powered up, because i focused on certain items and not meta shit i would have to sell my soul to drop on from prem packs ]

3• Ascend to heaven... finally abandon this game and touch grass like i never ever did before... Amen and glory to Big PP Giga Chads Windigos 🗿


Anyways, i think prem packs should have a guaranteed legendary, i remember getting CUCKED very hard by spending 335 tokens and receiving 5 useless-ass epic foocken little shithead items i used to boost a blue power kit some year ago or whatever don't remember well [ breathe ] goddamn dude 🗿 screw you squiddy you never have the seafood i wanted.

oops look at the time... Would ya look at this wall of text... woah! 🗿 bye for now


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