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SuperMechs Lore - Submit you're theory here


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First thing first, Supermechs is not and likely never will be lore-focused. It just isn’t the kind of game where that can work.

Nonetheless, we can still piece things together for a general story. Here are some of the available lore facts, along with theories and extrapolations:

1. Octavius / Squiddy is an extraterrestrial threat. We can likely assume that the rest of the titans are allied with Squiddy and/or from the same planet, mostly due to similar designs/tech between all the titans.

2. Humanity had to create some resistance against the aforementioned threat. Whether it was united or decentralized, we don’t know. I’d posit that it was latter due to the next fact.

3. After some period of time, the world’s landscape has changed - it looks somewhat apocalyptic. I’d say it was a combination of the invasion and humanity’s own wars, yet again due to the next fact.

4. Regular battles occur between mech pilots and clans have been created in lieu of govt. order, likely indicating the collapse of the state across the world and the emergence of clan-based war and governance.

5. The campaign results in an offscreen confrontation with Squiddy, leading to its defeat. The mechs in the campaign are either under Squiddy’s control (alien henchmen or human defectors) or an enemy clan/warlord’s territory. If the mechs in campaign are original alien tech, it would mean humans probably stole/replicated the tech to make their own mechs.

I probably missed a couple facts, but from the ones I’ve listed, here is my own lore theory:

Squiddy and the rest of the titans came to Earth to invade, and humans managed to observe some of the alien tech and replicate it to bolster their military capabilities in order to fend off the threat. The titans and their cronies are now reduced to the occasional challenger (titan) and cannon fodder (campaign). Without a threat to unify them, rogue groups stockpile mechs and wars and terror cells pop up across the world, leading to the collapse of govt. and clans crop up in its place.

So, that’s it! Feel free to comment, critique, or add onto my facts and theories.

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