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  1. 1. Prem mods, and lots of them 2. Selfish Guardian 3. Prem res drainers 4. Sorrow 5. Reckoning
  2. Fractured Heat Armor is a very good torso - in other words, yes, you should use it.
  3. 1. Increase and extend top player / top clan rewards (e. g. top 10 players, top 5 clans, maybe add in relics, legendaries, etc.) 2. Chat QoL (fix bugs related to player search and battle invites, maybe add friends list and/or an in-game PM system) 3. PvP Queue (freely access workshop, campaign, etc. while waiting for your battle) 4. Make entering R5+ optional during 3v3 season (a pop-up would ask you whether you wished to pass R6 - if not, you just won’t earn stars at full star R6) 5. “Dismount Mech” button (removes all items from all item slots on a mech)
  4. nobody uses this feature, sadge

  5. Mistakes I still make / recently made: a) impulse-buying packs instead of offers b) going to R5 early in 3v3 season (my 3rd mech is just spare parts) c) using maxed legendaries for myth food d) buying / using paints Worst mistake I’ve made: On my (former) main account, I always left “remember” for my login credentials on a shared pc, and that came back to bite me.
  6. On 1x, all your actions and the actions of the other mech are slower, but the time it takes for you to quit the encounter does not slow down (it’s just dependent on your reaction time).
  7. It’s useful for rng-fishing in raid. On one of the day two raid levels, the boss has 512 hp - which you can hit with top damage on mercy. Setting the speed to 1x allows you to have more time to quit the fight if you don’t hit high enough. This is just one example, though.
  8. As of now, your mech’s weapons and mods aren’t ideal. You’ll want items that a) go to mythical and b) are of the same type. Your best bet for a mech type is heat, just judging from your items. In terms of items you need, epic mods and good torsos (Windigo, Naga, and Nightmare) are going to be at the top of the list.
  9. Coddiwomple

    Nut Poll

    The title says it all - let’s see which nut is the most popular / best.
  10. Maybe (with enough time and luck with drops, anyone can have a shot). The next person vividly remembers day 1 of SM Reloaded…
  11. Yes - if you don’t defeat the titan, you’ll get roughly half the amount of clan coins as is displayed on the titan tab in clan.
  12. Alex has floated this idea on the discord server (albeit with no comments on such a portal’s frequency), and stated that he wouldn’t be comfortable implementing it until tabbing was patched. (The messages are to be read from the bottom to the top)
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