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White & Bleu relics are they useless ?

Clan Red


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Thank you All,

Very interesting , identifying those items ?

Providing a listing of the upgraded items to all PiLots 

Getting these items is like seeking a lost treasure .

* Grave digger *

XRB 🇨🇦


Ok ,

So there only  one list so Far ,grave digger.

Can anybody else forward related  Item.

Thank you !

XRB 🇨🇦



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yes. nightmare is good. comparable to windigo (E-M/D)

also, if you don't have massive stone legs (E-M/D) and don't like rollers, iron boots is still considerably decent. 

iron boots is common to divine. have around 400 something hp. i think. decent dmg. doesn't weigh as much as rollers. 

Discord: Aftokrator#9688

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