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I see nearly everyone doing one of these, so I'm gonna introduce myself.

Killer gamer 22322

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I'm Killergamer 22322, My irl name is


no your not getting it 😛

I'm 13 years old, been in old forums before (when I'm 12 and im a stoopid boi)

I used to be in rank 15 for a year until a month ago I got out of rank 15.

I'm hunting for a mercy and spartan but still havent got it 😞

Since a few years ago...

Anyways I live somewhere in the world (Asia) (Malaysia)

I have a trash YT channel, a discord account (which I use more).

My favorite car is Aventador SV, favorite color is #00FFFF  (This color)

Well um... thats all I could think of so... Have a nice day 🙂

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8 minutes ago, Killer gamer 22322 said:

Dont have much combined mods so no, Plus it needs more regen. Another plus is its too heavy to fit another nightfall. Another other plus is i dont have phys scope/the build needs a scope



Hcaptcha scam

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