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Could you guys give me some tips to improve my mech?

Cosmic Radiation


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24 minutes ago, InsaneSM75 said:

Improve heat and cooling, choose only 1 type of weapon(energy, heat, physical), use the massive stone feet since you have flaming hammer so no need to use dynamite boots

i thought you said to choose only one type. the mech is clearly a energy mech so it would need massive shocker feet not stone feet. 

1 hour ago, Cosmic Radiation said:

Mech 2.PNG

find an energy hammer (viking hammer) if you can. if not, try looking for lightning recoiler. both works

fit more utilities if you can (e.g. charge, grapple). no need to upgrade the teleport too far as it doesn't give extra benefits to the build. 

i recommend upgrading the malice beam first as it will be the main force in the build. 

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Try to replace the heat hammer with a energy pusher weapon (lightning recoiler would be the best option.)

This is a good mech for rank 10 in the future. Try to get your heat improved FIRST and then upgrade your weapons one by one.

Overtime when you get to like rank 13 you would need to upgrade the energy a little bit too.

A wise noob once said: energy weapons should get nerfed.


PS: The noob was me.

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Good basis for an energy hugger.  Max out your heat mods and your malice beam and frantic first.  As others have said, get an energy distancer in place of the flaming hammer - either lightning recoiler or Viking hammer, whichever drops first.  Farm 1 v. 1 final boss (Bigboy) if you're able, as you'll get a fair rate of fortune boxes, and for me at least they seem to drop Viking hammers like nobody's business.

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