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Heat Hugger Test


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Hi Pilots.

It is been many times I have this starting condition on heat hugger. I decided to change in the process just a bit the module to verify mech starting point and who start the weapons.

Regardless it is not that predictable and I collected lot of data in the past with tons of fights for it I was wondering this season in OKI DOKI.

I wonder if any pilot here in the forum do have same conditions using same type of mech

I wanted to check per some ours steps by step and I have done this test for months same hours, same days and regardless players how often I have them.

This test was again because starting point should be random not that fully targeted in my opinion.

Normally when I use this set me up to fight with mechs out of range at advantage position for my opponent and who is the starter and that include floor mats. 

Previous test had changed to low and higher energy and heat stats, some with higher regen and cooling, some with dual teleporter or single and hook or without drainer and that actually change mech selection against my weakness.

Below screen captures of fights sequences at intervals as planed. 

Just to let understand I am not complaining but wondering if you have same effect with same type of mech. I been having same issue with OD FARM account. Just use the imagination per screen shot and if you were the player what you should do. No have to tell me about it but will you be frustrated or not? I am not but wonder. 


1.The first picture is again at opponent advantage position and was activating first. If you see, regardless outcomes my range is out forcing me to waste turns. 


2.  This one I started weapons. Check again the range and what type of weapons against me. You will understand the disadvantage.


3.  Again same position and I had to start losing again a move to try to save the loss I new will happen. I jumped for test check but was testing starting. check mats


4. In this one I can have advantage if play well. The opponent activated first. Check how close we are. 


5.  I started but again same range. Check weapons


6. WE ARE SAME TYPE OF MECH SO OF COURSE CAN BE. He started. Check mats and weapons


7.  Again same spot. Opponent started. Check weapons 


8.  Again and check weapons. he started


9.  Again. He started and check weapons. 


10.  Changed but take a look at weapons. He started. 


11.  Check position again and what type of mech against. He started.


12.  This can be any since close type of mech. Now I tested starting with drone instead to push waiting for drone and push against me possibility and me to lose. Check the mats. I divined a modules for check.


13.  I started and jumped forward. check position and what mech against


14. Player started. check mech and range. 


15.  Player started and check what mech and position


16.Player started check the mech.



17. Player started. Check mech position and against. This was a free pass asked to my opponent for the test. It is my first time asking to a player for a free pass since I started the game. I want to Thank Ad1ta for the pass. Thx bro. 











I do not know what it is your opinion. This test was more interesting in the sense of few different players as some others. 

Hmm, my point here is that in the majority of the fights my mech position it is set in the losing spot according opponent weapons regardless if I won or lose.  When I play this mech normally set me up with same huger mech and my previous test it set me up with 15 heat huger one after another in their arsenal. The normal variation I do have are scopes with repulser, same heat huger, semi-free energy phys, bunkers or magma or a lot of emp. Sure sounds like it is what it is there but normally set me up with the same 6 players around when many others players are available. When I switch to claw phys mech then I get full of frantic, spartan and massive energy mechs. When I use my phys scope then I get tons of scopes and hardened phys and huggers or energy with rail. When I use mu energy mech bunkers then huggers comes with magma but as soon I switch energy comes in line. 

Normally this mech I am at range of spartan or valiant position normally forcing to waste turn to scape and try to survive. Another test I got 14 on the road at range 5 then one at close and opponent advantage then back to range 5 for another 9. 

The possibility to win with the mech just thinking the position and who start and against mechs and the floor mats it is difficult at list in my accounts. Yes sure I reach R1 but that it is not the point.  AI it does set in average to a higher probability to lose the fight.  I do not know you but regardless the average that the game might control and then give opponents of different kind when change mech it is not as good it should. If I switch to phys max out it should change some mechs around but if the system allow the change of mechs generally speaking that mean the game can set me up with more variation of players since are available plus be more random in position selection at start.  

Anyway. It is not important and all we have same issues but I do not know how often your heat hugger  mech it is a range 5 when you play against others mechs. Also, sometimes is so bad that makes lose 6-8 fights because just position losing by margin regardless divined weapons against me and in my case not having. 




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14 hours ago, iSwarky said:

If this faces against a pusher, things might not look very good. But overall it can win a lot of games.

Yes I do win but that it is not the issue. It is the way set up the play in more disadvantage. For example today I am using a hugger phys mech and 60% are energy opponent and the others phys with frantic spartan and snipers. The position normally is in favor to the opponent. It is no about to lose but it is not that fair in my accounts. It is like more disposition to set me up to lose regardless how well I can play. I let win many today to keep low rank and keep doing the same. It is really boring and annoying to be honest. 🤦‍♂️

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