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Random Tips and Tricks #1 - Ranger Stranger Danger

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Quick Note

I don't have a reason behind making this but I wanted to do something after mostly being silent on the forums, so I guess this will do. I'll also likely make a topic per tip in order to keep a single topic from becoming an infinite text wall due to being jammed with a lot of tips. 

No one wants to read something like that, right?

Also, don't judge. I also may or may not actually make a series of topics surrounding this but only time will tell.


Tip #1

Are ranged drones ruining your vibe? Are they putting cracks and dents into your arena winstreaks, making you feel utterly miserable after all that hard work gets stomped down the drain by a Tonto or Solar Torch? 

Well, there's a solution for that. Push/Pull/Retreat/Advance items may seem like an abnormal choice for dealing with ranged nuisances but, like with everyday ranged weapons, they can only do so much against a target that messes with their aim and puts them in an awkward situation where they can't get a shot off. This topic will give you some ideas as to how you can be the target that makes a target out of these flying annoyances.


Ranger Dangers

For the likes of the Short Rangers (Tonto/Firefly/Electrolyte), there are several interesting options to choose from (though, I'll only list a few for conventional reasons):

- The Recoilers: The 1-2 recoilers won't knock those pests out of firing range but will definitely make them regret trying to close the distance. The 2-4 recoilers, however, will rain on their parade with their high damage and add insult to injury by hitting them out of firing range (the only time where a Short Ranger can fire after being hit by a 2-4 recoiler is when the recoiler fires at 2 range, which knocks the target to 4 range, the very edge of firing range)

- Red Rain: This missile launcher may seem weird in design and functionality but those weird aspects are enough to mess with the likes of angry drones with vendettas against humanity (Note: A 4 range Red Rain shot will move a target to 2 range, which won't prevent a Short Ranger from firing)

- Backstabber: What's special about this drone? What good will it do when it does less damage than a Tonto and doesn't do any resistance break per shot? Well, if you pair it with a Night Eagle, it becomes one hell of a manipulator that knocks Short Ranger users around until they can't tolerate the range abuse anymore. It surely seems like a pointless idea but if a Tonto can't keep a streak of consistent shots, what good will it do against an infinite-range drone that can keep dishing out punishment while humiliating its range-limited target?

- The Hammers: It's pretty self-explanatory. These things will knock any Short Ranger to the edge of their firing range and leave them vulnerable to a 2-4 push weapon strike that puts them out of their comfort zone. They also do some really hefty damage that any person would rather not deal with, so that's an added bonus. Just don't forget to have utilities and pull weapons to assist the hammers or you'll find yourself struggling to get a hit on your opponent

- The Evacuators: Though normally used for scope or range alternation builds, these tactical retreat weapons can be a hell for Short Rangers due to their 2 retreat and 1 knockback nature. Of the 3 Evacuators, Ejection Blast is a major force to be reckoned with due to the damage that is paired with the retreat and knockback, so it will definitely put those short ranged drones through their paces. Just beware of corners because they are the natural born hunters of retreat weapons

- Corners: Speaking of corners, a Short Ranger user won't be able to fully retaliate against someone who forces them into a corner unless they have a shotgun or a hammer, so don't hold back any punches once one meets an unfortunate arrangement with a corner. They will also struggle to retaliate if you're the cornered one because only a recoiler (if they have one) shot will get them out of 1 range. Ironic, right?


As for the Long Rangers (Solar Torch/Flaming Spear/Rail Gun), they're a similarly different story. Some of the aforementioned items would benefit them instead of hinder them but others will be just as much of a pain for them as they are for the Short Rangers. The items that are a pain for such drones are (the short number of examples are due to the same reasons as mentioned above):

- Red Rain: The weird missile launcher makes a grand return to be a pain for any spearheaded drone that gets into its firing range. Though rather limited by its 2-4 range (vs the 3-6 range of the Long Rangers), it has a 100% chance to throw Long Ranger users off once it gets a hit in instead of the specific conditions that it had in knocking Short Rangers off their course

- Burning Shower: The other weird missile launcher ironically arcs its way into being a pain for Long Rangers just like Red Rain. However, this missile launcher has a 3rd barrage in its ammo feed and no energy requirement for Rail Gun to impede, making it into a force to be reckoned with once its 2 pull comes into play

- Corners: The environment's back to screw any cornered or cornering Long Ranger user because unlike the Short Rangers, any simple 1 push shot from 1 range won't allow the drone to fire, so they'll be forced to double down on that push if they want to get that drone shot in by the end of the turn.

- Backstabber: The flattened grenade-launching Void's back again to become a 1 pull nuisance but an even greater nuisance now that a simple hit at 3 range is enough to make their target into an uncomfortable mess. Effect is boosted by Night Eagle/Grim Cobra/Red Rain/Burning Shower

- The 3-6 Pull Grenade Launchers: Self-explanatory; If they can't shoot, neither can the flying spears that are trying to hit you

- The Evacuators: This isn't a joke. They're great at jumping out of 3-6 range just as great as they're at jumping out of 2-4 range, making them a pain for any Ranger to deal with as they continuously jump out of drone firing range. Once again, just beware of corners because those pieces of the environment are out for blood, regardless of the victim that meets their demise from their surprising amount of interference that comes from 2 basic poles that are in the middle of nowhere. Don't judge things based on size and/or looks, I guess



Welp, that's everything I've got for this topic. What do you guys think of it? Should I make another topic for a new tip or trick? Got any suggestions for that new topic? Leave your thoughts, ideas, or contributions in the comments below. It'll help with giving me ideas for topics to add onto this series and show that the series is appreciated (appreciation is a big thing that helps me consider with continuing with something, which is why I brought that up).

So, with that out of the way, I thank you all for taking the time to read this topic and I wish you all a good day/night.

This is Whiteout, signing off.


If you fail and don't succeed at something, you simply haven't failed enough. Through failures, one can pave a path to eventual success. 

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