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I cant log on with Facebook and Google Play [Android]

Led Zeppelin


Hey there, hope you all ok, well, i was playing two days ago campaign, suddenly i saw a pop-up window with the message " shutdown " and then the game send me to the main screen (where we log in to the game), i log in with my facebook account (because i dont have a supermechs account), nothing happened, then i used google play, nothing happened, i tried for third time and the buttons of log with facebook and log with google play disappeared! i reset the app and still happening. Why? i sent a email, they answered, i write back but i got no response. Thanks a lot guys

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Way to necropost... anyway facebook's login  method has been broken since before 2020 and apparently facebook refuses to fix it, so any accounts you have connected to facebook are stuck in indefinite limbo until they bother enough to deal with the issue

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