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Should Interceptor and Brutality be buffed?


Should Interceptor and Brutality be buffed?  

22 members have voted

  1. 1. Is it necessary to buff Interceptor?

    • If required.
    • There's no need.
    • It is, but I'll give it according to how I do it.
    • It deserves a Nerf.
  2. 2. Is it necessary to buff Brutality?

    • If required.
    • There's no need.
    • It is, but I'll give it according to how I do it.
    • It deserves a Nerf.

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There are many dead torso and it would be nice if the weak ones (Interceptor and Brutality) are resurrected, here are my statistics according to me.

Level 50 stats (Mythical).


Weight: 309-312 (maybe).

HP: 860-997.

Heat and Cool: 265-80 - 280-96.

Energy and Regeneration: This one I don't think is necessary but the same, 193-56 - 193-72

Resistance: 16-22-22 - 24-24-24.

Now let's move on to Brutality.

Weight: 341-340

HP: 1033-1112

Heat and Cooling: 290-88 - 295- (96 or 102).

Energy and Regeneration: I don't think it's necessary either, but just in case, 217-64 - 217-72.

Resistance: 22-16-22 - 30-16-22.

That would give according to me, but if you have more balanced statistics please do not hesitate to comment here, or are mine the best? Support this so that those who use interceptor and brutality do not regret it, and maybe continue doing this type of themed for the other dead items to rise once more.


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Interceptor's KG isn't important at all. It's the lightest mythical torso..and leave it as 309. If it was changed to 310/311/312 OR if your asking it to change from 309 to 312. ---> it really will affect everyone's Interceptor build. It's doesn't matter how terrible the torso, the KG should never change.

Brutality from 341kg to 340? It's a nice idea... but it depends on others' opinions. 

It's never a good idea to have a Torso (any type) -- KG to be added +1 or +2 or +3.

Also the stats idea.... Sure..I guess


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4 hours ago, Tiger P said:

I have got divine interceptor, and it is terrible. Also grave diggers should deal much, much more damage.

Why would you do that?  Grave diggers are fine, they have good damage and weight nothing.

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Voting "no" because these need to be separate forum posts.

I am interested in buffing Interceptor to the same HP as Nightmare.

As for Brutality, I'd be willing to see it get buffed to 1136 also.

But I think they deserve their own threads because they are different, and the discussion on them is likely to be different.

Also, I think it is better that way because it honors the rules.

Because I feel the reasons are different.  I want Interceptor buffed because Nightmare is (same "family" of torsos: Nightmare, Interceptor, Sith).

But Brutality is unique and the amount of HP it could be buffed to would be different, and more up to who can develop a convincing argument.

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