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Legacy PNG Project


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So for some backstory, here is the original post: https://tacticsoft.discoursehosting.net/t/a-community-project/61577

The project was never forgotten about, just we sort of became inactive, and since @ShortyMech was the main person behind this project, and he was the most inactive, it just sort of was lost. But, the project is now as complete as it will probably ever be, unless you can upload the images other than just links. I hope you all enjoy this, congratulations to@ShortyMechand thanks @Zylokfor being a huge contributor to this. Thank you also to the people that were helping before on the old forum. Sorry for the insane length, we can't upload images other than in links. It looked better in the old forum, let me know if you all want us to try and do that to maybe make it look better.

current problem, will fix soon..


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Thank you for all your help both Zylok and Turtle, even if we dont finish it, it has been really fun talking to you and doing stuff like this, sorry for my inactivity too, im usually most of the day at school and doing homwrk, and usually have very little time to spend with my friends, so i have to do this things during class, wich, isnt the best most of the times, also, im not really shure how i could keep in touch with you now since the community is dying very soon it seems, i think you have my mail tho, so if you need help with something, you can contact me there, again, thank you, really.

oh god..



does this mean all old forum's history is lost now then?



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