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  1. i know how to do those quests.I've completed them and from another account.But for some reason they cant be completed on my main they can be completed and at the campaign too
  2. 13 but when the season is going to be over i push to go arena 10.But then i fell again i have MPV is it better that windigo?Must i myth it first and then do my legs?
  3. I have 1.7k hp but I need more.It is very hard for me to win arena 12 enemiesDo you suggest me and any changes,or something like that?
  4. Well i've done some upgrades.I got ORB and i made all of my modules legendary.Also i put magma feet(mythic)and made the corrupt light mythic.But i barely reach arena 10.Enerrgy weapons are a huge problem and my hp is very low.I have MPV(legendary lvl 40)do u think that i must replace it with windigo?Do you have discord so we can discuss it better?
  5. AGREED Best idea ever.It sounds fair.
  6. (sorry for late reply)no i dont have.Sadly
  7. Mostest strongest mechest
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