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Make common divine relics more useful

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6 minutes ago, Lord Sunrise said:

Thats true thats why i suggest it to more useful

I reread your suggestion

Its quite unique and nice idea BUT

i think it will be kinda OP and abused?

Its good thing for F2P to have way to obtain good items such the the L-M swords and flamethrowers which should be only the normal flamethrowers (crimson rapture,ash creator) not overcooking oven and UPC.

But i also i have questions for?

for will these also apply to the modules? Like the C-R mods items?

Will affect all items that start common rarity? 

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12 hours ago, Lord Sunrise said:

Lets make it more useful since i have 20 of them more useful like transform it maybe you not understand but its like transform max lvl arnold to bloodweep or max lvl boomwitch to annihillation and redwall to heronmark maybe its sound weird but i think its worth it for 100.000 gold

Would be OP, because Premium (L-M) items are supposed to be very hard to get.

By someone, somewhere.

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11 hours ago, Battalion Incinerator said:

Would be OP, because Premium (L-M) items are supposed to be very hard to get.

Honestly it won't be that OP since there only 12 items that can used on

  1. The swords:serpahblade brightroar heron mark
  2. Flamethrowers:crimson rapture ash creator
  3. The shotguns:mercy bulldog reckoning
  4. Others:annihilation blood weep chaos bringer big daddy
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Out of 12 items only 4 items are used on META builds or help other people in raid

8 minutes ago, DefinitelyNotTrophy said:

i'm sure this has been suggested before

but that's all it was. a suggestion.


on the off-chance that they do consider, it'll probably be like a 10:1 ratio of converting relic tiers or somethin outlandish


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Posted (edited)
23 hours ago, hasn said:

It won't have very big impact on both F2P and P2W so we just gotta wait alexander to see this suggestions and other people opinions about it

I am sorry but what is f2p and p2w and i also think its quite op cause people can get annihilation which is op weapon in low rank so people can make her progress faster and after that transform redwall to heronmark which is important item in top rank and people also can get swoop from transforming ehhh what its item name

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F2P and P2W Refers to Free 2 Play and Pay 2 win

Swoop pre successor is squich i believe

Yeah its gonna be OP for people to get easy premium/L-M items because Common items are easy to get

Since L-M Are supposed to be hard to get and be very useful/viable

(okay let's ignore the fact half L-M items are useless or need other L-M items too work with Or build designed only for it)

EXAMPLE:yeah let's someone has maxed C-E items if this suggestion may happen he may be useful for player but a someone who bought premium pack/box Offer before this suggestion the player may become frustrated and hate this feature

Honestly any update that happen will angry a part of people

But as grain of salt i would like and hope to see suggestion come to life

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4 hours ago, hasn said:

Reviving this topic once again 

Can you just please not revive it? It just clogs up the space.

I think I should rename myself to Immaculate, that would be a much better name, wouldn't it?

Scorpions are also very cool.

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