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  1. Thanks for all of your recommendations.
  2. Hallo! I tried two more builds in WU. Will they work if I manage to create them in my own workshop? Note, the modules should be that of the physical mech. I just mistakenly added dual engine.
  3. Thanks for the correction.
  4. Agreed, but the energy drain has a difference of less than 10, plus more cost of energy, less resistance drainage, and backfire, too ..
  5. Why? It's the most energy damaging one... Plus, no backfire, and given the swords I use, it will always be in range Please explain...
  6. Try to upgrade them, but one question: how is rail gun built for energy free mechs? It cannot even fire...
  7. Hallo! I tried an Energy mech build at WU, Arena buffed. Is it worth it? What else should I do?
  8. What is a META build? Why would someone who is hunting for you matter? (As you always remain in the top 1...)
  9. Whatever the war of words Is going on, and given my arena rank is far less than you two (12, to be exact), I would say only one thing: In this case, savior resistance is definitely better, especially with EFA as the rounded resistance becomes 89. Whereas using independent gives you 130. But What you can add is another max plate.. So, Using savior resistance with another maxed plate giving you 371 HP is definitely worth more than excessively increasing your resistance.
  10. Can't agree but can't disagree. It depends all on what torso he is using. Using MPV: use some heat weapon which draws energy...(you already know the examples). Using EFA: use some heat weapon which doesn't use energy ... That's all But EFA is better, given the weapons you already have and the stats.
  11. Actually, I am with EFA too...As @Tirreggregars said, a sorrow is one solid combination of a weapon while using EFA... And if you change to savior resistance, supreme cannon or another sorrow can do the trick. But I DO DISAGREE with another bassalt dissolver... You won't even get the real opportunity to use those, and even if you do, those are one time weapons only... Mind it... Technically then you could fire three turns without much damage.... But by that time, a physical mech using only one Armor dissolver can kill you....I strictly disagree with the idea of 4 one-time weapon use.
  12. Extremely bad idea.... The players who do this, will eventually go down arena rank whatever the stars that they have managed to collect. Its just like locking the freedom up. Plus, it will be really hard to play opponents because of their rounded stats. It becomes difficult for everyone. Those players will learn their mistakes. Plus, in all the battles, with such counters, I have NEVER LOST A GAME...JUST HAVE ONE ENERGY MECH AND BOOYAH! SO I Definitely discourage this.
  13. Well, I am not a Pro level player. But by what I have gathered and known by playing, I would like to share my opinion. 1. The mech build is strong in both cases, but its downside is two many blindspots and no weapons to fire after certain time. You see, in both builds (especially using EFA) you have more than 2500 HP. That means in 50% of your battles, you will face second mech after defeating the first one. And you don't have enough weapons, too...just using stomp isnt a good option. So, you need at least one extra weapon, most likely corrupt light or abomination or savagery or supr
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