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well its ur opinion ig but for me level 10 already have good income other than that u could also get common boxes (level 1) from sleeping too quite good for beginner like me

btw farm the 1v1 bigboy for fb i got windigo from my 1st fb today

rn i can afford to get r - e cards although it take a LONG time

just for 1




image.png.ff5155c54e2240b977ea5e8831ffcc4c.pngI recommend u getting this to max

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6 hours ago, Jordanguy20127 said:

Why it’s ass I had more fun buying silver boxes

Aight ima do a comparison 4 ya

Silver boxes:

no wait time

expensive 4 what you get think it was 3-5 cards c-e.



Wait time

takes a while to upgrade

Gold income you get way more gold that just farming a mission.

Upgrade kits are craftable at lvl15

Chance of legendary at lvl20 (if you see swazall's study you'll see the chance you actually get one are pretty high)


The base has way more pros that the boxes.

But if you're impatient then do what you want



Just now, Corvus said:

expensive 4 what you get think it was 3-5 cards c-e.

This is because you get no income of gold like with the base,

With base the gold you get makes things more affordable,

and you also have the base upgrades with arena coins(tho don't upgrade those till you got all the battle related ones atleast to 10, some have 11 but that one I've been told costs 2000 arena coins)

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On 5/1/2022 at 12:56 PM, Yukiya18_JPN said:

I'll wait.

But, developers are busy right now.

Their not doing anything with the game. They have like just given up with it since they dont actually care. 

On 4/29/2022 at 6:56 PM, Jordanguy20127 said:

How long does it really take for them to get in and disable my base ?

I doubt its gonna happen. 

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