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  2. Oh I didn't know that, thank you very much ^^
  3. do you mean looked at the pack data or is for use it ? If is for use it so .. copy link text > Import from url ( in wu ) > past the text If you look the data of the pack so download the link ( is a json fill ) and go on a json validator .
  4. Do you know where I can get the pack file?
  5. It seem to me Raul creat a mod pack with legacy item however it is not finished, some sprite it replaced by a brutality sprite or simply missing items . There is it : https://gist.githubusercontent.com/ctrl-raul/f39e6637b5fbda1f7d4e58fb50c0399e/raw/
  6. I'm looking to create a WU pack that only consists of legacy items. Is there a legacy item list that anyone has access to that I could use? If anyone has any legacy items or legacy accounts I would love it if someone could show me their stats. Max lvl or lvl 1 preferably.
  7. still have it on 1 of my other legacy holding accounts, i still love it big fat mega rip :c
  8. I have a legacy mech where last edit was 2016 I would be happy to 1v1 only any 100% legacy mech with my top build for my time reply if anybody down for legacy 1v1
  9. lava scope...yes i remember it like yesterday ... a mythical torso..my favorite ever, i used it throughout my journey until i lost it accidentally and an item conversion event ... now..he only exists in my memory.... ( forgive me if i did something wrong i still don't know how to use the forum fully)
  10. I think thats nice japanse legs that much people used yoshmino legs and we need kits item that doesnt get removed a item in supermechs but its consumable item
  11. Yoshimo Blade... I still remember that golden age. Need balance the heat around 42 will be enough. Jump to the Divine tier instead looking for legendary first... wise. How it will look like in legendary tier? Like malice beam? same as epic-legendary. Sure I still want to see it been ad to the game.
  12. The sword will do about 490-610 damage with arena buffs. With a low amount of backfire and a little more heat generation than the saws this item would be way too good with it's current stats. If you want the damage balanced with the other stats the damage without buffs should be around 290-380 in my opinion. With buffs this'll become 348-465, which is considerable for a low-backfire and low-weight energy free phys weapon.
  13. No. I think you are not considering the high amount of Heat cost that the weapon has, that is, for a pyro it would be easy to defeat a mech that has this sword if it overheats with 140 (the mech that uses the sword must have a large amount of heat storage) (((In addition to the fact that there are already other melee weapons without energy cost such as saws))). Besides that it is the only sword in the game with 1 point of range (instead the others have (1-2) ) and you should also consider that it also has a low resistance drain of 4 points. AND, I'M REALLY SORRY ABOUT THIS: (''There's no game called supemech(add S letter pls).'')
  14. No. Stats are really overpowered. Backfire is really low for such a high phy dmg. And it's energy free. +weight is also really low, for that amount of dmg. Nerf the dmg; or add more backfire, and weight. There's no game called supemech(add S letter pls).
  15. What do you think about a '' recycled '' version (((like all new items in the current supermech))) of Yoshimo Blade ? It could be introduced as a physical weapon like its corresponding Archimonde torso with these stats: (Divine) 48 weight 408-510 pys dmg 1 range 4 resist drain 140 heat cost 80 backfire * some examples of recycled legacy items: mech torsos: Brutality-God Mode, GrimReaper-Hellfire Armor, Archimonde-Yoshimo X, USA mk 1-Windigo.
  16. yep, i hope some day they notice (they wont, cuz they dont want to)
  17. Ultraspade looked great, well, a lot of legacy torsos did.. ; all of them did
  18. Also, I think I might be one of the very few that still have an ultraspade
  19. Let's be real, the ultraspade, bully, yoshimo blade, double super nova mech was just plain beautiful.

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