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Talk about all sorts of Legacy related stuff here!
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  2. Thanks, i've been looking for high-quality legacy things for a while I appreciate this
  3. Guy, go to SM Workshop Unlimited, then add the item pack from this link: https://gist.githubusercontent.com/ctrlraul/f39e6637b5fbda1f7d4e58fb50c0399e/raw/ Here you will find Yoshimo in perfect quality
  4. so this exact topic made me to create a list for EVERY(?) item in the game as of v1.611 and it took me hours to do it i both regret it and don't at the same time 1.611 - every item.txt
  5. i have a library of every item sprite in the game as of version 7.611 just for a custom workshop pack
  6. someone reminded me of this game a like an hour ago and apparently i had a lot of legacy items
  7. these are the my man you haven't even seen the GREEN TORSO it's NOT ENERGY it's NOT HEAT it- it's not physical... Also I need to flex, I have a healing drone
  8. wow how did you get that? also i just need a yosiomo X pic but that is cool tho what are these torsos?
  9. I'm also looking for a high quality yoshimo X torso cause i don't know where to look for one
  10. 15 minutes of gameplay from the legacy version, to see some specifics of this version. You remember? | supermech legacy test

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