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What is Legacy SuperMechs?

Legacy was the first ever version of Super Mechs, which was created for PC. In Legacy, physical weapons consumed ammo while heat weapons consumed rockets, so there where bullet and rocket modules that you needed in order to use these weapons. It was also possible to get mythical items from mixed boxes, but they were incredibly rare (3% chance in a silver box). There where specialised boxes (which were added back with the base) which meant you could purchase Mix, Torso, Legs, Side weapons, Top weapons and Module boxes. Before the specialised boxes were implemented, there was an item shop that offered every item up to legendary rarity. You could also craft time-limited mythical items. There were not any seasons at all, and you could choose which mode you could fight in, 1v1, 2v2 or 3v3.

Some of the best Reloaded clans were created back then, but many others also failed to keep up with the new version. Some of the biggest clans were old Reign, HAKA Clan, bots, HTK and LLYL.

In Legacy, the campaign was a much greater challenge. There was a boss called God Mode, which was easy to pass with a full mythical mech, but much harder with anything below that. You could choose between 3 difficulties you could fight: Easy(green tile), Hard(orange tile), and Insane(red tile). Mechs were built differently every time you entered same mission.

However, the campaign is much easier now, because a lot of new players are getting strong items very early. Every week, a new "Titan" boss appears in Campaign, which you can only battle it if you are in Clan.

It is also important to note that now every Legacy item is incredibly valuable. They don't do much damage, but yet are very hard to find. Some Legacy items were used a lot, like 1 weight Teleport that was nerfed.

10 Legacy coins are worth 1 Reloaded coin.

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