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  1. Farm to what? upgrade my third mech being a r9?
  2. Hello, I have been using this account for months, i am getting stuck in game from coins since i still have silver boxes, i can't turn anything in mythical since i got no coins + i got no myth food. Do you think it's worth to get base right now or i should save up to start and level up the base? any ideas?
  3. I think it's easier to add a report button in the game with a "Alt Account abuse" or somethign like that, if an account gets multiple reports from different people, take a look at his play style and ban if precise
  4. Can i flex finding this dude on R10? (around 300 cooling) my life is meme
  5. On legacy, you actually could do rerolls to get good mythicals easily for a good start. You don't even need fully maxed items to be a rank 1. It was P2W i you wanted to be a top player (not always), but you could be a good rank 1 player for free and on few days of playing.
  6. This game is more of a "Mad Max" post-apocaliptic scenario
  7. I don't think that this is the main problem on SM right now, It's just a visual update and it will just feel different for few days, after that, nobody will care about the background or the music, I think that most of the players muted the music. BUT if something like this happens, I would do a poll/contest for the best background creator, rewarding with tokens and adding the background to the game. (Only adding 1 or 3 backgrounds (First place, Second place and Third place))
  8. This isn't a cometition, there is better content creators, it's a community, even if some doesn't have enough sources to make better quality videos, they arer all good.
  9. Kiira

    Merry Christmas!

    xd._. No words.. but thanks!
  10. Looking at the oldest supermechs forum, i have seen some cool things that would make this forum more entertaining, It would be like this: (Old forum picture)
  11. Oh well! aren't them the same ones? I'll do it.
  12. I got my own opinion about this new forum, i need to get used to it, It got good features like the rep. thing. BUT for me, i prefer the first SM Forum, the simple and boxy fashion one, It was more simple and easier to go along. You also had Ranks depending of the number of posts, I wish that was here too. (ranks with pictures as sm ranks)
  13. Account settings (on your profile name) and Signature Vaya.. JAJAJ
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