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  1. The only thing I can possibly think of is that the movement submenu is open, but that’s just because they don’t have many weapons.
  2. Unfortunately, they don’t keep backup data past a certain date(I believe two years). They have no info on your account’s possessions anymore. There’s no way to get it back.
  3. Ok, couple of things, using power kits on each other does provide an efficiency boost. Also, if you need rare kits, transforming common kits does actually end up being helpful, but it is long and tedious. Finally, the most efficient way to upgrade kits if you’re using base is for one factory to constantly craft kits while the other three craft commons. Use 19 commons on each common kit, then three max common kits, one rare item, and three common items on each rare kit. Also, slight tidbit that I don’t think anyone else has mentioned, it is actually slightly more cost-effective to upgrade an item all at once, instead of as you get items/kits. The reason for this is that the amount of gold each upgrade costs is rounded up, so if you upgrade individually you end up paying slightly more coins. It’s practically negligible, but good to know.
  4. Flaming Scope Also, you might want to change it to no repeats, ever, otherwise people would just cycle through top weapons, then torsos, then back again, or something similar.
  5. Legend has it that the energy buff will go live when this countdown ends... -44
  6. Sawz, are you feeling ok? You realize desert fury does 100-150 less damage than nightfall, and only 12 more res drain, so it takes at least 9 shots for it to overcome the difference, which A)Is impossible and B)Phys battles don't last that long even if it were infinite use. Also, The phys mech you built is a phys counter that guaranteed loses to heat and en, and I assume you tested it against the en-free phys hugger you love to call the "CleverJumper." It's literally just a counter to that specific build. Not only is it a phys counter, but it's also a pusher that trades much of its damage potential for utility, countering huggers but losing to anything with static weapons.
  7. Have you checked your spam folder?
  8. Veni is his alt, it makes sense that someone's main, who plays constantly, would beat Clever's alt. Find the average AP between his main and alt and it'll be higher than invick's.
  9. The main pull of the base is that you get 130k gold per day for free, in addition to any gold from farming. You can then use this extra gold to buy food, and in reasonable quantities, it actually ends up being cheaper than silver boxes due to the base paying for itself. Alternatively, you could get one premium box every 3 days for doing absolutely nothing. Basically, it's for people who are less active/grindy.
  10. Um, you do realize "premium" means L-M, right?
  11. Kin was an experiment by Tacticsoft, however, it got shut down, and eventually the Kin cryptocurrency crashed due to hyperinflation.
  12. This is a common glitch that typically happens when you watch a video for an extra item after watching all of your available token videos.
  13. It didn't copy, Battle Mechs was a minigame for Battle Dawn. Liran worked on it some more and turned it into a full game, now known as Super Mechs. I guess you could say Battle Mechs was kind of like beta Super Mechs.
  14. He doesn't really want to give out any meaningful personal information. If he shows his face, you can reverse search it and find out a bunch of stuff about him. Imagine some of his fans stalking him
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