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  1. It didn't copy, Battle Mechs was a minigame for Battle Dawn. Liran worked on it some more and turned it into a full game, now known as Super Mechs. I guess you could say Battle Mechs was kind of like beta Super Mechs.
  2. He doesn't really want to give out any meaningful personal information. If he shows his face, you can reverse search it and find out a bunch of stuff about him. Imagine some of his fans stalking him
  3. Lol is it just the rank 25 thing? That happens all the time
  4. So, I'm working on a late mid- to end-game concept but I suck at sprite design and also don't have a program for it. If someone could help me, I'd appreciate it a lot. More details later.
  5. Ok, once again, I'm telling y'all, according to Alex, Tacticsoft has events planned through the end of February. The first Gato event will be on March 1st. Also, Wep, so many things are wrong with your statement. This has some of the old developers, yes, but A) it is not the same administration as Legacy, B) only the developers are the same people, and most likely the "pay to fight" idea was developed by management. C) You didn't have to pay gold to fight, you had battle tickets, like the campaign, that refilled slowly over time. It never cost anything to play.
  6. Yes, he is, but that's not his actual arena mech. His real one uses nightmare, magmas, and orb
  7. Yes, but being able to activate/deactivate without using a turn also seems like a bad idea and for some reason inherently wrong.
  8. SM was bought by Gato Games, which is why there have been a lot of changes recently, yes, including the forums.
  9. I mean, this is my slant as a legacy player, but I feel like shields should be left to the past. Also, items generate too much heat/drain too much energy to make them viable without making it drain almost nothing. Sorry, but that's how I see it.
  10. Again, you're acting like this is the only buff. Currently, we're buffing around 5-10 items at a time. Also, heat as a whole doesn't need a buff, but then again, phys definitely doesn't need a buff, and yet I think even you can agree that desert fury does, despite being phys.
  11. Once again, you act like this is the only thing we're going to buff. Energy will get buffed. These things take time. Deso does need a buff though. Unless you have spare weight, which rarely happens in top ranks, deso replaces energy cost with dropping a module or utility, plus, as a damage-based weapon, it's not very good, since it can't actually kill the average top rank mech, which has at least 3.5k HP.
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