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Note, while technically it can spawn fortune boxes, these are ultra rare and we absolutely do not recommend trying to farm them. 

Special Gold Portal Event



Hey Pilots,

Today, we're excited to announce we'll be doing another special gold portal event! And, to celebrate, we've made fortune boxes (if you’re lucky enough to get one) a lot more rewarding. In fact, they're the most rewarding (and rarest) fortune boxes we've ever made!

Most rewarding of all are the first-finish boxes, so try to finish all of the difficulties at least once. A word, though: harder difficulties have much higher drops but are also much harder than anything we've done before(!) Also, relics drop only in first-finish boxes, so we wouldn’t suggest trying to farm them.

We hope you'll have lots of fun playing through this and, if folks are up for it, we’d like to do more relic events (albeit with slightly lower droprates) in the future!

Best of luck,
The Supermechs Team

Edited by Alexander
Seriously, fortune boxes are ultra ultra rare. Don’t try farming them. They don’t spawn relics. (see edit history)


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this is the best P O R T A L….. I ever experienced ,this is gaming at its B E S T ! ,

Hopefully will experience more surprises in the near futur….

Keep posting, F A N T A S  T I C  work! 


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Maybe we can get the same portal every month . It would be very good and maybe one special made for Halloween and maybe everyone can get one of those super cool 🎃 torsos . 


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This was very nice, the relic drops are much appreciated. I see what you mean by difficulty and rare drops. I spent ~30 tokens on 3 different runs of insane, but those energy mechs always drained me even with 600 energy and 300 regen. Still, I came out with a net gain and it was fun trying to change up my mech and beat the level. Relics definitely add more of an incentive to take on the upper difficulties, and it would be neat to see more of these in the future.

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