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  1. Hi Pilots,


    On behalf of gato, we hope you will all have a great time with your family. Remember that some things are irreplaceable and value them!

    Now, if you've some time to have fun, everyone on mobile should be getting an easter box in their notifications.

    Some may have delayed delivery and for the next few days, anyone who logs on desktop or puffin https://flash.puffin.com/http://supermechs.com/?hideall will also get it (but it may be a few hours late there, sorry!). Please do pass that information on to any other players you know and spread the joy. Even if on a break, a gift never hurts.


    By the way, the box is also available in the store. It has a bit better droprates than the usual box and comes with a pattern bonus (usually, might get an item sometimes), so I hope for those of you who saved up, it's well worth it.


    Enjoy the holiday!

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