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  1. Portal reward today was sweet! 200 tokens!
  2. Happy Easter! He is Risen indeed! Thank you for free giveaway!!
  3. Thank you for posting this, I was just about to suggest the same thing.
  4. I don't understand this. I see destroy 75 structures, get 100 tokens. Seems like a good event to me.
  5. I see destroy 75 structures, so you play campaign and destroy 75 building and get 100 tokens, at least that's what I see. Seems like a pretty good event.
  6. My advice - if you can't fight energy, then don't. Buff up your mech for heat/physical and if you fight energy you just quit out.
  7. I agree with you on this Tirreggregars, if you see a meta item like that quad core booster in the extra chances, I would think people would be more likely to buy the premium pack/box, thus a great money making move. If implented though, I'd like to know what "extra chance" means. Does it mean that in the premium pack/box that you have a 80% chance of epic and 20% chance of legendary like Clevername's large sample size suggests, and then if you get a legendary, you're 10x-20x more likely than usual to get it again like Clevername suggests?
  8. Clevername, thank you for the consideration and reply. Just got lucky to get one of the meta items in an offer today . So in a premium box, based on your large sample size, L = 20%, E = 80%. Here's my next question -- let's say there is a "hot" offer next to a premium box which happens every now and again with an increased drop rate for an item. Do you know what the drop rate is for that item? Is it still L = 20% and E = 80%, but the new item is 50% if you get an L? Hoping your large sample size can shed light on the percentages.
  9. Clevername, I'm full F2P and need several specific legendary items on your current meta builds to get to meta heat or meta physical. In my experience, the premium boxes have about a 1 in 4 chance of dropping only epic items, and in the other 3/4 I usually get 1 legendary item and it's most often a legendary from an epic item which doesn't help. Therefore, my mental math says the optimal way to spend the tokens is to wait and hope that one of the meta items will be offered in one of the dailies, and then spend it. Wondered if you agreed with that. Also, sometimes there are "hot" offers for s
  10. THANK YOU for making this post, I reference it often to check this and that for new builds
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