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  1. Marija
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    By Marija,

    Hello Pilots!

    Gato wishes you happy Easter! We hope you will have a pleasant day with your families. 

    A present from us, an easter box, will be in mobile notifications. Dont worry if you dont get it immediately, some might be simply delayed. The ones who log in on desktop or Puffin ( https://flash.puffin.com/http://supermechs.com/?hideall ) will also be getting one, for the next few days. Make sure you share the information with your clanmates and friends so they get it as well. 

    The box is also available at the store, I know its not a chocolate egg but it usually comes with a pattern, if not, then you will be getting an extra item. So those who have been saving up, I wish you best of luck!

    Happy Easter everyone!

  2. JamAnime
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    By JamAnime,

    I should had shared this in November, but it never crossed my mind, until now.  So, sorry...

    Let me start with, are you a big fan of anime/manga like me?

    Do buy anime/manga?

    Do you know where to shop?

    If not, Here is a big Holiday sale to shop at, rightstuffanime. The best place to find a lot of anime, manga, and other goodies, especially around the holidays. Save some $$$.

  3. The Confetti Conquest

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    By Spam,

    Campaign but confetti, if anyone has an idea on how the campaign should look then tell me.

  4. News & Updates

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    By Raul,

    Overloaded EMP in Workshop Unlimited

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