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🔥 Art competition - heat weapon edition! 🔥


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  • Community Team

Hi everyone, 

Its time for another art competition - this time its heat weapons🔥

As in previous competitions, what I ask of you is to pick any heat weapon of any kind and improve it the way you think suits it the best. Im, of course, giving you the full artistic freedom to do with the weapon what you like, be it redesign, decoration or any kind of change you'd like to see on it. You can use any program that works the best for you, even hand drawing, but not the AI!

Please dont post old sprites and dont take someone else's work.

Participating is as always, posting the art in this thread. You have 2 weeks starting from today!

And the rewards are next: 

1st place – 3000 tokens and a forum badge

2nd place – 2000 tokens 

3rd place – 1000 tokens

Good luck everyone! I hope we get some amazing art again! 🔥

Elcent is the best.


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  • bumbum pinned this topic

Marija can answer the question but normally is here in this thread. Everyone can participate. It does not matter if is the best graphic or hand work. This is for fun and have a community active in the good way. 

Hope many participate. 👍

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Yes, but in this case is based on heat weapons. It can be imagination as new weapon for the game or any current weapons in the game to make it funny or cooler or else. Just follow basic rules above from Marija. Have fun making what you want to be proud of yourself and for the community fun. The idea is to have fun doing what you can. Just fun art. 🤗


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  • Community Team
8 hours ago, br1ckDriv2r said:

so can i use guns from sm to my art?


8 hours ago, br1ckDriv2r said:

where to send pics of fanarts?

You keep asking questions that are literally answered with A SINGLE SENTANCE in the topic... If you cant bother to read this short text explaining what is this even about, Im not sure what to tell you. 


Elcent is the best.


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12 minutes ago, hungry tea said:

How'd you pull off that awesome effect in the pic? It looks like a movie screenshot lol

I used the Dodge and Burn tool in Photoshop, adjusted exposure, color and whatnot in Lightroom, for the little lighting I drew manually using sketchpad.com (Horrible app) 



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5 hours ago, br1ckDriv2r said:

i call him Spidey mech(9x FBD a lot of backfire[1620]) double flaming scope,
triple DawnBlaze, double ORB
i  also added triple bassalt disolver (-135 heat shield), triple corrupt light)
i know it looks terrible as hellcompe.thumb.png.3a5b52784239177f047c690464cadd0f.png

sign me up. COOL

Super weapon last result attack. Will allow the attack at any range. Hmm, will cost a lot of money and will require individuality to get the parts and be maxed and power line special item. 

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6 hours ago, m01 said:

Kinda busy irl so here's design related photobashing


great design and the name are perfect. I want one too. 👍

5 hours ago, Lockrus228 said:

Unfortunately, I have an energy weapon, but it’s a beautiful one, it’s called a “static multi-shot” 🙂

Без названия1_20240123222633.png

that is cool. a valiant triple gunner. nice for next competition. 👍

3 hours ago, miktom said:

This is my weapon call heat laser it is better and stronger version of corrupt light 🔥


bot a weapon.png

very interesting. looks like a heat laser cutter. thin heat cut attack very powerful. 👍

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