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suggestions that aren't buffing this or nerfing that?


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The forum is always full of people with ideas of "this item needs improved," or "this item is too op," or countless half-baked hair-brained "wouldn't it be awesome to have super-ultra amazing new item X." The game's most needed improvements are in areas that are less sexy and exciting. I'd really like to see more talk about these aspects of the game that do not determine whose mech is going to win in a given battle.

If you haven't been around for years and years, eating, sleeping, and drinking supermechs with an intimate knowledge of who all the clans are that matter and who is in each of them, choosing a clan can be painful. I wish you could click on clans that you can potentially join and view some basic information. What language are they speaking in there? How many of the x/y players in the clan have been logged on in the last 24 hours? One can see if a clan has, for example, 650 wins so far this week in arena--but how many of those wins come from one player who won't be able to maintain such a level of intensity week over week? Am I going to be the lowest ranked person in the clan, therefore increasing the probability that I will be deemed expendable? Yes, these are all issues I've dealt with. I've joined a clan and been the only one speaking English. I've joined clans where the limited info I could see looked good, but most of the players turned out to be inactive. I've joined and seen that 500+ arena wins out of 600 or so came from one individual player who then never repeated such a makes-my-eyes-go-bloodshot-to-think-about endeavor, and the total clan wins in following weeks were paltry. Improving players' ability to research clans and make more informed selections would be a massive improvement.

The communications system within SuperMechs is, and please understand I actually like this game, awful. Sometimes, if I've got extra time to kill, I'm out of SM energy, and sick of the arena, I find myself in an unusual and rare condition where I feel like being social and might like to reach out to some players I've met in Supermechs and say "hey, wussup?" But even if they are people who I know are logged on because their SM addiction is quite heavy, the chances of contacting any individual player in-game is really poor. I know it'd be creating an entire section in the game that doesn't currently exist, but it'd be nice to be able to drop an in-game mail to other players. Ultimately, yes, this problem can be solved via third-party applications, but having something in the game to improve things and bridge the gap before having to move entirely out of the game to communicate with people would be nice.

The game needs better documentation. Regardless of how badly the addicted need to justify their time here, this is not a complicated game. The learning curve, however, is unnecessarily steep. Efforts by the community to fill the gap and provide information are insufficient. The truth is, SuperMechs is not popular enough to have the critical mass of active players necessary to spawn a good, helpful, worthwhile fan-based wiki on the web. I don't believe it can ever reach that mass without easy-to-find documentation available to newer players so that they can feel confident they understand the game and therefore stick with the game long enough to give it a chance. It is my view that, as much of a pain-in-the-a$$ as it may be, the devs really should put a proper effort into providing informative and accessible info for newer players. At the risk of sounding harsh, the honest truth is the the current how-to play info found in the game's settings is less than worthless.

Those are a few improvements that I think SuperMechs sorely needs. Sorry if it isn't as exciting as "hey, how about a magic shovel that lets your mech dig a hole and hide while a heat bomb is thrown!" I'd quite enjoy hearing from anyone else that is like-minded and also sees the need for game improvements not involving mech equipment.

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No disrespect to the Wiki effort. A big thanks to everyone working on it.


I think the Wiki team could greatly benefit from some inputs from developers on some of the mysteries in the game.


exactly how does the raid point system work?


confirmed drop rates from campaign missions and chances of legacy in base and from boxes.


odds of getting specific items. .001% can w of iron plate from boxes.


the algorithm that drives damage from weapons.


there is a great body of work as produced by the players but with out confirmation from developers the data sets are isolated and statistically unsubstantiated.



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lol ... it seems that we all want to know something here or clarify some "mystery" hidden under 5 keys.

I also want to know ... I¬īve¬†been wondering for months if this Co.¬†(both the previous one and the current one) complies with all the rules. In other words ... if they¬†pay their¬†taxes properly, if¬†regularly make the¬†contributions to Social Security. I would also like to know if they¬†receive any kind of inspection or control of¬†activities and the personnel that work here. If they¬†have ¬†accounting books up to date and ¬†authorizations and certificates ... I would like to know if they¬†have legal claims in process or have had and for what reasons.

Anyway ... it seems that we all want to know something (each crazy with his theme ...).


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