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How do i improve my mechs ?



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3 hours ago, OKI DOKI said:

they can't help much not knowing your account inventory. If those are the real parts already in play, let them know.

Okey i will try to show as much as i can (these wont be my actual builds i am just trying to show as many items as possible)

Screenshot_٢٠٢٣١٠٢١-٠٩١٨١٩_Super Mechs.jpg

Screenshot_٢٠٢٣١٠٢١-٠٩١٨٢٧_Super Mechs.jpg

Screenshot_٢٠٢٣١٠٢١-٠٩١٨٥١_Super Mechs.jpg

Screenshot_٢٠٢٣١٠٢١-٠٩٢١٢٣_Super Mechs.jpg

Screenshot_٢٠٢٣١٠٢١-٠٩٢٠٤٦_Super Mechs.jpg

Screenshot_٢٠٢٣١٠٢١-٠٩٢١١٢_Super Mechs.jpg

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