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Found 11 results

  1. About a month or so into reloaded, the Developers released a special 5-day portal, the unicorn portal. aside from the perk (a unicorn horn), which I have never recovered from accidentily fusing, the purpose of the portal was simple: to help those who had been dealt a bad hand with their initial boxes to get a head start. the mission was of high easy-light moderate difficulty and dropped boxes with exceptionaly good drop rates (scaled to whether you were playing Normal, Hard or Insane). Nobody knows the exact drop rates of the portal, because the past development team were exceptionally mysterious about drop rates in all instances, and it was a very long time ago now so my memory might be off, but I'd estimate something like this: Epic - 85% Legendary - 15% "Sure buddy, and I'd like to throw it to Angelina Jolie tonight instead of my fat wife, I aint getting that either." okay, so I hear you asking why I think its justified to drop a second unicorn portal now. well, allow me to do so in the form of a numbered bullet point list: A significant period of time has passed since the last portal of its kind, in which time a general feeling of discontent with the gap between those who do not spend or spend modestly and those who have been able to afford to buy every premium item as it came out. this feeling being the justification at the time for the last one. we are under new development now, with a team that undoubtedly has its own ideas about the direction they want to take the game, therefore I think its fair that all those who have lived through (survived) the TS years should be granted a good way to "catch up" at least to a certain degree in order that the community as a whole can go forward into the new era excited and ready to experience the new direction. not still tearing their hair out trying to scrape rank 5 because they can't get this or that item that they need from the past era the perk is really pretty "Did you really need a list for that, wise guy?" No, but I figured out how to do it just now and I'll be damned if I don't. In terms of the specific drop rate, I don't know if the devs have access to some kind of record of what it was on the original portal. I think the fuel costs were similar to Madboy 2v2 mission. but even just 5% would do a lotta good for a lotta people. but that's just like, my opinion, man, vote above to express yours or tell me how much you love or hate the idea down there OOPSIE DOOPSIE MOMENT REPORT: the 4th poll option in question 2 reads 25-20%. it SHOULD read 15-20% apologies
  2. Hello i made this question to know what should i change or upgrade on my mech bcs i dont think its good so i wanna see everyone's opnion be honest you can say anything if its bad, its good or make a new mech (im totally ok with that) here screenshots. I have this mech for like 7 months IDK if you got any suggestions just say it.
  3. As we know that fortresses outshines l-m protectors with higher stats (Plasma/Electric vs. Ultrahot/Supercharge) AND with added hp but with the ONLY DOWNSIDE of higher weight. vs. What's the reason why protectors are L-M when there's another L-M resistance that outshines them? this does not make any sense at all. This resistances mostly became food if the player had fortresses. So my proposal is, make those protectors as E-M item instead of L-M item WITH decreased resistance. MIGHTY PROTECTOR Weight // 28 -> 30 Resistance // 88 -> 60 SUPERCHARGE PROTECTOR Weight // 28 -> 30 Resistance // 88 -> 60 ULTRAHOT PROTECTOR Weight // 28 -> 30 Resistance // 88 -> 60 Why did I propose this? - To make the game at least playable and fair for free to play and p2w players - To make this module useful and a good alternative if the player do not have the fortress - to make other L-M items more accessible by lowering some items that do not really belong to L-M I'm open-minded so feel free to criticize or suggest a better argument for this items
  4. Someone in the past may or may not have said this I didn't feel like looking at all the past topics. So this idea is to restart everyones campaign. I know all that hard work gone . But look imagine if they replaced those 3 tokens they gave out for completing one mission and started giving out shards instead. Now these shards would obviously need a purpose so we would have to add a shard exchange shop. Let's say for example you get 3 shards for completing an insane mission in the 1v1 campaign. You could then place those shards into the shop in a slot for a premium weapon, for a divine relic, for power kits anything you want. For example Lets say it takes 150 shards to get a premium weapon of your choice or if some people think that's too overpowered it can be a random premium weapon. You would have to do is 50 insane campaign missions and boom you have the shards needed. Now obviously we cant have people just grinding one mission over and over all day with bots and stuff so after you complete that mission you can't get anymore shards from that campaign for 2 weeks or something like that the time does kind of matter but i'm not a Dev I can't tell them how to make the game. I can expand on the idea if enough people like this idea obviously no one is going to spend a whole day saying a plan just for like 20 views.
  5. I think supermechs is losing ground. The thing is, i think it will become "dead" sooner or later. So.... if we are able to do adjustments to it, say your idea. (Example new element, weapon, nerf/revamp, more) just no arguments
  6. The auto-play feature is currently only good for grinding in campian, so why not make it easier to do that? When you decide to farm some coins or xp most people use the auto-play feature(I call it Jeff) but, the it has its pros and cons the main bad thing about it is that it has to be checked on every 2 or so minutes, and the ads. It would make farming levels easier if there was an option to set a certain amount of time to farm a certain level for sometime(there would be a time limit to prevent people from farming to long). Also whenever I farm levels with Jeff(auto-play) I have noticed that when it has no weapons in range other than repulser it fire repulser which make sense but isn't helpful so if that could be fixed that would be nice. I know that currently Gato Games is focused on the SM sever right now, and I don't mind if this doesn't get implemented(which it probably won't) but this mostly just a suggestion, feel free to criticise or give suggestions on this.
  7. When someone builds their base, if they don't know how many of each building they will be able to put in, the symmetry may be messed up later on. Also, it would be more convenient if we could put all the gold mines right next to each other. So I suggest adding the ability to move the buildings around, possibly for a small gold fee.
  8. Should guarantee an L-M myth for rank one should guarantee a E-M myth r2-5 with fair chance or L-M and good chance for E-M myth low chance for L-M myth r6-9 everything else stays the same.
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