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need help in improving my mechs



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Using current parts will depend on preferences and combos. Just enhancing individually sharing parts in 2 mechs. 

1- Use this for now even is epic and level to L30 as you are working on. image.png.f39a32ee8b016a02f1688973e8cf3493.png

2- You are not balancing energy and heat caps neither regen/cooling. You can play as counter but your mech was based on energy and that won't work at all. You need to cover for heat basic even play counter. This is just basic but can be changed per season and desire to risk as counter or balanced. The others max them. Your energy cap and heat cap will be decent and regen/cooling as well. Resistance will be not that grate but it is a start with what you have. It can be modified with more HP using plating ot more energy/heat cap with less regen/cooling and others.




Let see. Just if you get another image.png.c8167a4150fb27ecba7509297552d1a4.png easy to get farming and level to L30. Energy regen won't be the best but can enhance for now and will be decent against heat. Not the best but ideas for you and you can then change whatever as you prefer to play. The option is based in to give a bit more resistance to the physical shield very important but can be different according to what you have right now. 




Maybe without other changes. 


Or the phys 


More changes can be. This is just illustration of ideas. 


1-Do not use Battery armor flame under development. 

2- Max modules to reach L40 for now

3- Level up parts by stages in a balanced way. No need to rush for one part to be at L50. It will take long for it, mixt parts and gold so the farming have to be heavy. 

4- Do not work on 3 mechs. Focus in two but first in the primary. Use resources for primary as step one for your stronger or favorite mech to play with. 

5- Those illustrations are functional for some degree for now. Later will change and can change to work with shield drainers or dual Frantics or Scope and others. Just stop to make parts all over and focus on primary. 

Hope this help a bit

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