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Name some quality of life changes you want see added to the game.


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1. Clear Loadout Button

2. Filler Item Catalog Refresh

3. Buffed token reward for 1k wins milestone in Clan

4. Pity System (after "x" number of premium boxes = guaranteed legendary for next box opening / after "x" number of premium packs = guaranteed premium for the next pack opening)

5. Auto-Grind (option to autogrind a mission until out of fuel or manually stopped by the user/ 2x is default for autogrind)

6. An actual plot for campaign (completely pointless in functional terms but great for stylish terms)

7. Banshee Extermination

8. More portal variety / Adaptive portal difficulties

9. More adaptive enemies in campaign (will explain)


9 = On Normal in the 1v1 Campaign, some enemies are capable of "adapting" to the player's strength through adjusting HP, stats, and damage output to best match said strength. This is best seen in Overlord's Den - 8 (Normal) and Overlord's Den - 6 (Normal).

In OD-6, all enemies will adjust their stats to provide a challenge while the change is only for Bigboy during OD-8, where similar buffs can be noticed when fighting him (i.e. he will have higher HP and damage output against a build of higher strength and lower HP and damage output against a build of lower strength).

I'm honestly intrigued by how that works and would really like to see more enemies like that in the campaigns... Who knows, maybe that would make 3v3 a tad bit more forgiving?



If you fail and don't succeed at something, you simply haven't failed enough. Through failures, one can pave a path to eventual success. 

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