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Happy Easter !

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2 hours ago, SkylineGTR said:

How can i get a free easter egg can someone help me ?


1 hour ago, Yakir said:

i dont think you can

which is stupid

As for getting your free egg i suggest waiting until Marija makes a topic/Announcement about it on either forums or Discord

As some people do have a life outside of sm

Long live the Dragon Emperor


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I think nope, we don't get it for free.

Also, I think there should be a portal for Easter, and you should be able to get the egg for each difficulty. The Egg shouldn't be removed from the shop though, so that new players who aren't strong can still have access to it.

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By someone, somewhere.

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16 minutes ago, OKI DOKI said:

Here, this is free for all of you. Enjoy 😁


wish we had tokens in the egg ?

There  no more news from anybody …..

maybe we should  all get life !!

there even  to busy to post any more news for upcoming event ?

As per Easter ….


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