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what the hell is this weapon


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it is the old repulser from SM Legacy game version before this one Reloaded. Some items, players decided to keep them and remained usable allowed in the game. Sure, others not. The administration gave the option to convert their items with the new ones with lucky boxes but in reality, for those who played paying it was a bad deal starting again but they converted and moved along, and some others quit the game. Many of the TOP players with lots of medals etc, those are people from that era keeping their accounts till today. Sure, many at lower ranks also are Legacy account players that returned later, or some just play less and has been progressing in a slow motion since the conversion. 

There are few items around like that one and not many have the items and even dual hook and few others but limited and limited players. 


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Legacy is basically an old version of SM, which used to exist before the current version ( Reloaded ) a few years ago...

You can't get Legacy weapons in the current version. It is not possible to obtain them right now. Accounts which existed before Reloaded can still have Legacy items in their inventory, and they can use it in battle, just like the enemy you were fighting.

Legacy items also used to do much less damage compared to weapons now.

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By someone, somewhere.

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