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  1. First time reaching rank 1. Would like to personally thank @WarrMachine for helping me achieve this. Thank you.
  2. Adblockers don't impact gameplay, and i don't think they block them on desktop.. Unless you're weird and use puffin.
  3. This is also a 1 way ticket to get banned. Any form of gameplay changing with third party softwares is bannable.
  4. Bump so topic doesn't die
  5. Hey everyone, this will be a stand-alone topic off the idea from one of my other posts. Level Prestiging Currently, the max level is 250, with a whopping 300million~ xp needed to reach it. I suggest a couple of things: - We increase the token rewards per level from 2 tokens to 10/20/30/40/50 for levels 1-50 /51-100 /101-150 /151-200 / 201-250. - Increase ammount of fuel restocked from a refill to 1x / 1.5x / 2.x / 2.5x / 3x fuel refills for levels 1-50 /51-100 /101-150 /151-200 / 201-250. - Increase gold recieved per level up by about 50%. - Every 50 Levels, yo
  6. BUMP. Added 5th and 6th idea, let me know what you think.
  7. Contemplate your life choices. On a serious note, kick their ass.
  8. Asther


    Not a bug, or a glitch, it's a gift from Alexander because it's Easter today!
  9. Happy easter everyone!
  10. To use it you have to pin the enemy in a corner, you'll jump back 6 tiles. Really situational weapon, wouldn't use it personally.
  11. Visual bug, do some arena battles and or relog. Should fix it.
  12. We all know that the game can get a bit boring at times, so here are some of my suggestions that could maybe make the game a bit more enjoyable. 1. Better daily rewards We've had our same 5 daily missions for the longest of time, why not improve the rewards and or add more missions that are randomized each day? This way it feels like something new everytime, you may not know what you're in, since you always expect the same things each time. Or we could integrate the special quests to be more common for dailies, minus the token reward but for a noticable increase in gold, or items
  13. I've read through the topic and replies of all the members, here is my POV on this experiment. 1. Increasing Gold capacity is a notch in the right direction, i feel like the gold/hour should be increased with it if it hasn't already been. 2. I don't really see the point here, the reason why most people enable base is to get to level 20, and start spending money on a chance to get L-M items, not E-M. If you do insist on making the price more expensive, the time/card should be decreased. 3. Tweaking base is a good idea, since the majority prefer silver boxes instead of it
  14. We already have a platinum half plate, it's called iron plating.
  15. Asther

    What is this ?

    Yeah he got a really good winstreak, sorry.
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