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Can't log in, need help but I don't think it's possible to solve.



when I try to log in, I can't. it says incorrect info. when I try to log in battledawn, it says wrong username, but when I click on support, it shows my email and user name.

but it doesn't work when I try to reset password.

So when I try to log in, it says "incorrect username" 

image.png.9072b4f7641c3568d792a0106f8937b8.png image.png.fe23d8cd46394b8e708baf88f732b2cb.png

although I use "flamerkiwi" to log in, it keeps giving me this error and I can't do anything, no activation email, no resetting password, and it keeps saying my username is wrong though this is the user name.

I can't log in on my acc on pc supermech launcher and can't play.

*** update: ***


the problem is deeper, I managed to log in the game after tons of tries but still can't log in battledawn, and on pc I can't log in either. I can play on phone currently 

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