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  1. people who says "get good" just do it because they have no clue what's going on there
  2. I've complained about that already but people think they know a lot and consider their selves as pros and us as noobs. so instead I quit explaining people that smurfs exist. I'm on your side.
  3. interesting art but I think the colour can be changed? that's just my opinion tho I like the idea
  4. I'm gonna be 200 in less than 2 months lol the real grind isn't campaign, it's abusing arena xp days
  5. Personal most wins: 250 Personal best rank: rank 9, two stars activity: almost 24/7 if anyone is interested
  6. I'm not expert, telling my honest opinion. I'd max lightning vest, dawnblaze and supreme cannon. you have nothing for range 2 so it's gonna be a problem, but I think eventually you'll get a magma recoiler.
  7. personally I don't like it due to backfire
  8. that barely do any damage on impact but instead deal a certain amount of damage for certain turns and slowly decrease? pros: 1) resistance ignorance 2) garenteed damage even if you're shut down or energy drained cons: 1) a certain amount if damage, doesn't depend on rng, so there is no way you do a bigger hit than what it says 2) since it does damage every turn, it takes a bit long to show it's effect anyways what are you thoughts? + can not be stacked
  9. the GG guys who spam "GG" when the match starts because they are some " opposite of good people " and then they lose in the beginning, this is the only bad usage of GG I believe. like that
  10. great now do it on hard xD and I didn't get the transform relics, fair game tbh the boss is insane as hell lol
  11. if they managed to get rid of smurfs the toxicity would reduce by 90%
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