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We need Ultrabright to do better (at the same cost)


UltraBright vs DawnBlaze  

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  1. 1. Should Ultra bright do as much ele resistance drain as DawnBlaze in all levels?

    • Yes, definitely.
    • No, it's fine.
    • Yes, with some other values.

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As a fan of this game, I suggest the following @Alexander :

To change UltraBright so that it does -9 electric resistance drain at mythical level (I was requesting to change the drain of all the three levels, but this will still do) at the same cost, just like it's heat counterpart DawnBlaze at mythical level.

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16 hours ago, SawzAll said:

Please attach a poll to this topic (go edit it) because that's what the suggestions area note says it wants for topics in this area.

I agree that UltraBright should do as much resistance drain as Dawn Blaze.

Done. As you are a supporter, please caste your vote. It would be appreciated.

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