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How much have you spent?



I’m sure this will not be a popular thread but whatever! how much have you spent on SM? How far has it got you?


I have spent ~$250usd. Most of it back in 2012 before weight limits or item upgrades. Back then the only way to obtain premium items was with cash and I was a top 10 player. 

after reload I have spent about $60 of that $250 on $20 deals like plate, op, quad and even a yellow monkey with backstabbing drone🤷‍♂️

I am only a r5-3 player who has hit r1 twice 1v1 season with a ton of luck. I do place position 60-150 in raid.

I have also played about an hour a day every day for the last three years and attribute most of my success to that. However without those cash deals my raid and certainly arena rank wouldn’t be as good. 

After reload I got something like 500 premium boxes and a good deal of gold. But I did stop playing for over two years to protest… lol jokes on me because I came back 🤣. Played maybe an hour or two a week until I picked up in 2019

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Total so far it's 150$ with all of them on offers, don't know if it counts or not since it's my fan's donated cash. 

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I have spent nothing on any games in my entire life. I was merely a farmer who does not have any rights to pay. My contradiction is that I live in poverty.

Remember that.

Retired SM pilot, nothing interesting, and I have once lived in infamy.
My Discord Server if you want to see me, I guess : 
Omura Unofficial Server
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