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Boss mission - Fortune box: less often than some months ago.


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Hello. I usually farm gold in 1v1, mission 6 Overlord's Den, Insane mode. After some battles, I play mission 8 (boss) and some times get a Fortune box.  Even sometimes 2 boxes, one after the other, in 2 consecutive battles, if I battled a lot in no-boss level. That was till some months ago.

Here comes the issue: since some months ago it's very rare to obtain that forture box. It's like if the developers had lower the frequency of getting that boxes.

Have you found the same issue? Is there an official confirmation?

Thank you.

Note: I had the idea after reading that Frantic Brute had been nerfed. This means developers make changes in features.

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ı have same problem. mix box reduced too. ı had many empty run. ban wawe didnt work, box reduced, premium box and packs have lower rate. my last 4 titan premium packs was purple. noone can not say to me '' we didnt change drop rate''

everyone giving advise about balance changes, but noone dont say or see big problem, every new items is growing item pool. every newcomers are less likely to drop what you want.

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I feel I am getting about the same from Mad boy or Big boy (1 per day). personally I think 1 a day is higher than what it has been in the years past. I think i maybe got two legendary items at that rate form last year. Compared to maybe two boxes per year doing OD 6 with no legendary it has been a step up.

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